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Who we are

The Australian Library Copyright Committee (ALCC) is the primary policy body in Australia for the discussion of copyright issues affecting the library, archive and information sectors.

We advocate for copyright law reform in the interests of Australian libraries and information providers, and offer informed contributions to domestic and international copyright law and policy discussions. We make detailed submissions to government inquiries and we have regular meetings with politicians and their advisers at Parliament House. In addition, we organise copyright education, including training and online information resources targeted at the library and archive sectors.

The ALCC and its members support a copyright framework that appropriately protects the interests of right holders while ensuring access to important cultural, educational and historic content in the public interest. 


The ALCC has seven organisation members, each of whom nominate a representative to provide advice and reflect the concerns of their members on the Committee. The organisational members are:

Australian Library and Information Association

National and State Libraries Australasia

Council of Australian University Librarians

Australian Government Libraries Information Network

National Archives of Australia

Australian School Library Association

Australian Society of Archivists 

Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities

New South Wales Public Library Association


Margaret Allen
CEO and State Librarian, State Library of Western Australia


The ALCC maintains two staff member, the Copyright Law and Policy Adviser. This position is funded by the ALCC to represent the views of the Australian library sector to Government in the copyright reform process. It is also his/her responsibility to keep member organisations informed about changes and developments on the Australian copyright landscape, as well as relevant overseas occurrences.

The Copyright Adviser is also the Executive Officer of the Australian Digital Alliance. The ALCC and the ADA contribute equally to this joint position. The current occupant is Jessica Coates. She is based at the National Library of Australia.

Jessica Coates is a copyright and communications policy expert with 15 years of experience working in Australia and overseas. She previously worked as the Global Network Manager of Creative Commons. In this role she worked out of its San Francisco HQ to support the activities of its international community and represent CC in discussions globally. Prior to joining CC, Jessica spent time as the Project Manager of Creative Commons Australia and the Creative Commons Clinic, a research program at the Queensland University of Technology. She has also had stints working as a copyright and broadcasting policy adviser for the Australian government and Australia’s commercial television broadcasters, as well as an academic, lecturer and educator. She has a Master of Laws from the University of Melbourne and both a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (English Hons) from the Australian National University.

The ALCC and the ADA also contribute equally to the joint position of Copyright Officer. The current occupant is Elliott Bledsoe.

Elliott Bledsoe is ADA's Copyright Officer. He has more than 10 years experience working in the arts. He has held marketing and communications positions at a number of organisations including the Australia Council for the Arts, ABC RN at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Queensland Writers Centre. He has a strong interest in copyright and creative practice and worked at the Creative Commons Australia project. He also runs Agentry, a communications agency delivering tailored solutions for individual arts practitioners and small-to-medium arts organisations and groups.

Contact us

The Australian Libraries Copyright Committee is based at the National Library of Australia.

National Library of Australia
Parkes Place
Parkes ACT 2600

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    The ALCC governance committee meets once or twice a year, usually in Canberra. Meetings cover a range of copyright and administration issues. ALCC meetings provide a mechanism for libraries right across the Australian library sector to learn about new developments in copyright and information licensing, as well as an opportunity to contribute to the future development of Australian copyright policy. These meetings also provide a governance role for the Copyright and Policy Adviser.

    The members also provide expert input to government submissions through meetings, teleconferences and email exchanges.


    The ALCC is separate from, but often works in partnership with the Australian Digital Alliance, the peak organisation representing the cross-sector interests of copyright users and innovators in Australia. We work closely with the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and we have strong connections with many other copyright-related organisations around the world.

    Our history

    The ALCC was formed in 1994 to be the primary policy body in Australia for the discussion of copyright issues affecting the library, archive and information sectors. The Committee comprises members from seven organisations which together represent the majority of the Australian library and archival community.  The Committee provides advice to the copyright law and policy adviser on issues and concerns of their sectors.

    The organisation was founded by Professor Tom Cochrane and he remained Chair until 2013. We became an incorporated body in 2015.