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Do you have copyright questions?  Stumped by a client request or trying to determine the copyright status of a manuscript?  Worried the signs next to the photocopiers are the wrong size?  Then read on!

The resources below have been put together to aid librarians, archivists and related professionals to navigate some of the more common interactions with copyright. Use the individual fact sheet that suits your needs, or download the lot as a single guide. All the fact sheets are under a Creative Commons Attribution licence, so feel free to download, share and adapt them as you please.

The information in the below resources is general in nature and it is not legal advice. For specific situations you may need to seek advice from a lawyer. The guide also deals exclusively with copyright. There may be other non-copyright restrictions on use of materials such as contract or licence terms (including donor agreements), privacy considerations, cultural sensitivities, record keeping obligations, legislative requirements and defamation.

  • Materials protected by copyright - doc; PDF 
  • Copyright term - doc; PDF
  • Uses controlled by copyright - doc; PDF
  • Using copyright material - doc; PDF
  • On site client access - doc; PDF
  • Offsite client access - doc; PDF
  • Supplying other libraries and archives - doc; PDF
  • Special libraries and archives - doc; PDF
  • Care of the collection - doc; PDF
  • Enhanced use of the collection - doc; PDF

Complete guide - coming soon

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Briefing papers

Useful links

  • The Smartcopying website has an excellent range of information and resources for schools and TAFEs
  • The Australian Library and Information Association has Copyright FAQs for Members
  • The Australian Copyright Council website provides an extensive range of factsheets covering most topics relevant to library and information services