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Welcome to the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee (ALCC) website. We are the primary policy body in Australia for the discussion of copyright issues affecting library, archive and information sectors. Find out more about our work in Advocacy, Training and developing Resources

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Australia's libraries and archives support fair use

The Australian Libraries Copyright Committee (ALCC) welcomes the recommendation of the Productivity Commission to adopt a flexible fair use exception in Australia. This, along with a number of other recommendations in their Intellectual Property Inquiry, will transform Australia’s copyright system into a world leader, respecting creators and ensuring they are protected, while also recognising the importance of access and flexibility for all of society.

The Productivity Commission handed Government the final report of its Inquiry on 23 September, and it was released to the public on 20 December 2016. The public is invited to respond to the report by 14 February, and the ALCC will be providing a submission. For more information, see our media release on the final report, or our response to the draft report.

Copyright fact sheets

We've put together a range of fact sheets to help Australian librarians, archivists and related professionals navigate some of the more common interactions with copyright. Use the individual fact sheet that suits your needs, or download the lot as a single guide. Best of all, they are all under a Creative Commons Attribution licence, so feel free to download, adapt and share them around. All the fact sheets, along with other helpful copyright materials, are available on our Resources page.

Copyright training

Thanks to all who came to our training in 2016. Our 2017 training calendar is now being organised. Visit our Training page to find out when courses are coming to your state or territory. Free for most library and archive professionals.

Open letter in support of copyright reform

The ALCC is proud to be a co-signatory on an open letter to the Minister for Communications urging the tabling of the Copyright Amendment (Disability Access and Other Measures) Bill early in the new parliament. The Bill will introduce changes that will provide important benefits to all Australians, and particularly to lour libraries and archives.

Copyright law reform

We were pleased to see a draft Bill released by the Department for Communications on 23 December 2015. The Bill covers disability access, library and educational exceptions, copyright for unpublished and orphan works, and safe harbours. The ALCC urges the government to table the Bill immediately. View our response.

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